The Wit and Wisdom of - The Chairman

On fining a poor inoffensive colt for some imagined misdemeanour and being told by him he only had 7 euros left in the world:

“Not anymore you don’t.”


Decided the lineout calls would be Short~Mammals Middle~Reptiles and then calls “Duck Billed Platypus” to total confusion. Not content with this, he decided to simplify things for back row moves. Rodents would mean break left while any other animal was break right.

All went well until the call was “Coypu” at which point one of the front row enquired ‘what the ****ing hell’s a coypu?’

A giggle turned into a guffaw, the opposing scrum joined in the laughter and we all fell over!

“That Brian, he were 6 foot 6 before match!”

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