1997 Loughy the BMW Kangaroo

Our Antipodean Chum Michael Lough after a few amber nectars was wrongly convinced he could do anything. It therefore only seemed logical to him to bound over the bonnet of a BMW parked outside the bar and emulate his native marsupial.

Unfortunately he was more like his native monotremes, the duck billed platypus, and ended up squarely on the far side wing, denting it considerably.  What do we do now?  Well comeuppance took about 5 seconds before the owner of the aforementioned BMW appeared and inspected the damage.

There was a considerably pregnant pause, before ‘It was old anyway’ says the owner of the BMW who also turns out to also be the owner of the bar.  ‘You’ve already made me enough profit to get it repaired. Stay for lunch and I’ll get a new car!!’.

Sometimes luck is on your side.