1995 Ostracised

Playing Broughton Former Pupils in Edinburgh the Referee and several of the opposition weren’t there at the start of the match so as per usual Ken Cunningham was lent to the opposition and uniquely Martin Hothersall volunteered to referee until the proper referee turned up. After a quarter of an hour referee duly turned up and Martin went to run touch pending a Strollers substitution but on a Broughton player being injured went to play for them.

Strollers in the lead in the second half when Martin scores a try by pouncing on a loose ball over the line to take Broughton into the lead. Virtually last play of the match a two on one develops in Broughton’s favour with Ken clear on the outside but the Broughton centre spurns the opportunity, explaining afterwards “we couldn’a have you lot score all the tries”. Result Broughton win, Ken and Martin become honorary members with the ties to prove it and are duly ostracised for the rest of the evening.