1994 Ill-fated Negotiations

Sam Kelly recounts:

We were all strolling down the street in the red light district in Antwerp taking the air and viewing the scenery before settling in to some more serious singing and drinking in the ” Blue Angel” In our company was the stroller of good standing with an almost legendary reputation with the fair sex ( you all know who I am talking about but , with unusual sensitivity for an ex stroller ,it may be better he remain anonymous–he may even be a god fearing respectable citizen now ? ) Anyway , we were passing one of those glass fronted cubicles where the ladies displayed their wares–our colleague proceeded to embark on ” negotations ” with the ( really quite lovely ) person in the cubicle through the glass door—the discussions became quite heated particularly as the thesis of our colleagues argument was that , because of his amazing sexual skills ,she should pay him rather the other way round –whereupon , the transvestite burst out through the glass door and knocked our colleague down with a very solid right cross before disappearing back into his lair–I have an abiding memory of our colleagues very fine hat disappearing below a parked car and having to be retrieved with some difficulty due to the prevailing hilarity !!