1981 Coach Driver Redeems Himself

It is fair to say that the coach driver on the 1981 tour to Amsterdam hadn’t endeared himself to anyone but our opinion of him changed when we stopped off at Zandvoort on the way home.

As we went for our paddle he spotted two young ladies sunbathing in the buff.  We, trying to be sophisticated and pretending we were used to such things, ignored them.  In fact we all had surreptitious peaks at them if I am honest.

For once the bus driver didn’t accompany us and get in the way.  It was only on the way back that we discovered why.  He had stripped off himself and gone to lie down next to the two young ladies.  On returning to the bus and our good hearted jeers and catcalls we got the distinct impression he hadn’t enjoyed the experience. It turned out his new friends were lesbians.