Juke Box

We’re Athletic (Not)

We’re athletic

Rugby players peripatetic

With capacities still undetected

But we do need time


We’re respected

Our game is restrained it’s not hectic

And we don’t let training infect it

But we do need time


And the answer is “No”

If you’re saying, “Drink up now

“Cos they’re calling Time”


They might want us to go

But we know that we’re staying

And the ale is fine

In mug, jamjar or cup

Fine to sup and then throw up

In the scrum or maul or ruck

We’re arthritic

Some day you’ll be arthritic too.


Ailments genetic

Compensated by aids prosthetic

And significant liquid anaethetic

Mean we do need time


We’re pathetic

But our team spirit’s real not synthetic

So lasses, expect the unexpected

But we do need time