Juke Box

Tour Out Of Hell

We will, dazed and knacked-up, distraught, ever dwell on

The fact that for rugby we’re greatly renowned

So in Belgium for the ninth time the Strollers are touring

Twixt Antwerp and Preston there’s well-trodden ground


The first little tussle’s against Dendermonde

No quarter is given or sought on the pitch

Then shake hands in the bar, exchange songs and stories

Thirst-quenching and wenching – Oh ain’t life a bitch


Then it’s back on the bus and it’s back to Antwerpen

For Drinking and singing increases your thirst

First Pintjes and dubbles then trippels and duvels

And bollekes Koninck and happen some Geuze


The sounds and the lights of Antwerpen by night

Are enough to disfettle a Preston Lad’s brain

Being surrounded by lasses as comely as film stars

From dumb salivation scarce can we refrain


Next day back on th’bus and it’s straight off to Leuven

Heedless of yedwarch for more of the same

Into the bar for the crack and the choruses

Singing the praise of the old-fashioned game