Juke Box

Old and Foolish

On a field down by the Ribble my first rugby I did see

And its Heart and soul and passions soon

captivated me


Our Peg declared it barbarous, and proof of lunacy

Ah, but I was young and foolish, and knew it was for me

When I was young and foolish, our Peg to me did say

‘As passing years bring wisdom, less rugby you will play’

The years have rolled their seasons as near as two

damned score


And now I’m old and foolish and playing even more

Last Thursday down at Hoppers I met with Princess Di

And on my manly vigour she cast a lustful eye

Says she, ‘Just quit the Strollers and come and live with


Ah, but I, being old and foolish, with this could not



Having played the game for decades this wisdom I

have found

It’s safer to release the ball when you are on the


I could ask no better destiny till the final whistle call

To continue old and foolish and with Strollers ruck

and maul