Juke Box

Morecambe Bay

If you ever come across the sea to Preston

Be it only at the closing of your day

You can hear the ducks a-quacking in the duckpond

And watch the sun go down on Morecambe Bay


Down at Lightfoot Green the Hoppers give a welcome

To rugby men both near and far from home

If you’re good and old the Strollers there will play you

If you’re good and young you’re on your ruddy own!


So pop o’er via Holyhead Stranraer or Heysham

For a game a song and lots and lots of ale

And if at the former we should not quite beat you

At the last two we will get you without fail


Then farewell to Dublin we’re off back to Preston

At the quay our ship is waiting for the tide

We all thank you for the welcome you have shown us

Ours will be as good upon the other side