Juke Box

Making Whoopee

Another year, another tour,

perhaps a visit to the floor

No time for snoozin`. We`re all for boozin`

And making whoopee!


A Coach to ride, a trip to Hull,

Another ferry, oh ain`t life dull

Then breakfast servin`, it’s off to Leuven

For making whoopee!


Stomach that’s feeling queezy

Knees that are far from keen

To make a run look easy

Out on that field of green


A game or two, oh! Must I play

You surely don`t need me today

Instead of ruckin` I`ll just be suppin`

And making whoopee!


But now they`re changing. Say I`m required

Tell them to stuff it. I`m feelin` tired

While they`re all bleedin`. I`ll just be readin`

Or making whoopee


Another hour, or maybe less

The kit is on, so just confess

When duty’s callin`, a Stroller`s maulin`

That’s making whoopee