Juke Box

Dublin’s Fair City

To Dublin’s fair city we though ’twas a pity

That for years we’d not strolled on the Emerald Shore

So we drank and got merry, supped more on the ferry

And were lucky to get here alive, alive-o


We are Preston Grasshoppers and no-one can stop us

From drinking and playing, then drinking some more

Fifty miles south of Barrow, down the M6 so narrow

Just hark hear the Strollers arrive arrive O


We’ve come on this sortie, though in age we’re past forty

To Dublin’s fine town, sure we’ll play a small game

Against men of Guinness, though strong to the finish

We still think the Strollers will thrive, will thrive-o

We’ve brought here the cream of our great Strollers



To play, watch the Scots, and then drink Dublin dry

Then down Davy Burns’, we’ll all sing in turns

Just you watch how the Strollers survive, survive-o


Thanks for letting us visit, our joy you’ll elicit

If you just let us win and then buy us some ale

And if you visit Preston, a welcome, the best ‘un

You’ll find that the Hoppers provide provide-o